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TK Signature Programs

  • TK Blocks Program: This key program incorporates social studies, engineering, language development, math, economics, and community through a hands-on, imaginative, role-playing approach. Students develop 21st Century Skills (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking) by designing and interacting in a "Wooden Block City". This specialized program can be found within only certain schools throughout California. We are lucky to have it here at Tahoe Valley. Here is a link to a preview of the program.
  • Performing Arts Program:
    • All TK students attend weekly Choral Lessons with our Credentialed Music Teacher.
    • All TK students perform a minimum of two times each year in a public performance.
    • All TK students perform an end-of-the-year musical for the school and community.
  • "Specials" Classes:
    • Music: All students experience choral and instrumental music weekly. Choral singing, proper breathing and singing technique, music theory, and rhythm & drumming are included in this experience.
    • Library: All students experience the school library weekly. Storytime, finger plays, and songs are included in this experience.
    • STEAM: All students experience STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) lessons weekly. Foss Science TK curriculum, robotics, and art are included in this experience.
  • Field Trips: Our TK students experience many field trips out into the community to see firsthand how community members work and interact. These provide vital life experiences that build background knowledge for our students. Field trips can include the fire station, restaurants, grocery stores, the bank, the high school, and more.
  • Ramps and Engineering Program: This outdoor program is available for our TK and Kindergarten students. Students learn beginning engineering and the effects of gravity as they build ramps and pathways and let the "balls" roll in this hands-on program.
  • Additional Programs:
    • Technology: All students have access to computers and an interactive television within each classroom.
    • Handwriting Without Tears: This hands-on manipulation program helps students develop their fine motor skills along with letter names and sounds through a fun, interactive, positive approach.
    • Songs and Poetry: These are embedded daily into all curricular areas. Movement and rhythm are key to young children's academic and social development.
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